WAP840-0 WiFi6 802.11ax 1800Mbps Outdoor External Antennas

  • WIFI 6 outdoor access point with Qualcomm IPQ6000 chipset
  • Support active IEEE 802.3at 48V PoE standard
  • Support Seamless Roaming, OFDMA,1024-QAM
  • 1*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45 Port, faster Ethernet


WAP840-O is an 11ax Wi-Fi standard Outdoor Wireless AP with Qualcomm Chipset, it support MU-MIMO, Wave2.0, OFDMA and Seamless Roaming.

Combined 1800Mbps Wi-Fi speed over 2 radios: 2.4GHz(600Mbps 11ax 2*2)+5GHz(1200Mbps 2*2), equipped 1G WAN & LAN ports, support MU-MIMO and DL/UL-OFDMA modulation, faster Ethernet data rate and more users, then multiple users can upload or download multiple packets at same time, narrower sub-carrier spacing and longer symbol time, improved the stability and data processing efficiency, publicly to be used in high density access environment such as university campus, concert venue, gymnasium, etc.

What’s more, with IP67 water-proof level, lightning protection, it can install at every place to work as an stable base station for more wireless range and more access users.


Main Features:

  • Comply with IEEE 802.11ax/ac/b/g/n, dual band,1800Mbps Data Rate.
  • With IPQ6000 , Flash: SPI NOR 8MB (1.8v) + NAND 128MB, greatly improved the data processing performance.
  • 1*10/100/1000Mbps RJ45Port, faster Ethernet.
  • With Skyworks power amplifier and FEM, 300mW high power, N type antenna connector for high gain antenna, stronger signal strength, more wireless coverag.
  • Support activeIEEE 802.3at 48V PoE standard.
  • Comply with IEEE 802.3az standard, RF power adjustment and frequency analyzer for better application in different environment.
  • Support Seamless Roaming, OFDMA,1024-QAM.
Product Spec.:
FlashSPI NOR 8MB (1.8v) + NAND 128MB
2.4G Frequency2.4GHz - 2.484GHz
2.4G Wi-Fi standard802.11b/g/n/ax
5.8G Frequency5150~5850MHz
5.8G Wi-Fi Standard802.11 a/n/ac/ax
Interface1 * 10/100 /1000 RJ45 WAN Port
1 * Reset button, press 10 seconds to revert to default setting
AntennaN type antenna connector
Data Rate1800Mbps
End Users160+
2.4G RF Power802.11b11M23±1dBm1M23±1dBm
802.11n HT20MCS722±1dBmMCS023±1dBm
802.11n HT40MCS721±1dBmMCS022±1dBm
802.11ax HT20MCS1120±1dBmMCS021±1dBm
802.11ax HT40MCS1119±1dBmMCS020±1dBm
5.8G RF Power802.11a54M23±1dBm6M23±1dBm
802.11n HT20MCS722±1dBmMCS023±1dBm
802.11n HT40MCS721±1dBmMCS022±1dBm
802.11ac HT20MCS921±1dBmMCS022±1dBm
802.11ac HT40MCS920±1dBmMCS021±1dBm
802.11ac HT80MCS919±1dBmMCS020±1dBm
802.11ax HT20MCS1120±1dBmMCS021±1dBm
802.11ax HT40MCS1119±1dBmMCS020±1dBm
802.11ax HT80MCS1118±1dBmMCS019±1dBm
2.4G Receive Sensitivity802.11b11M-90dBm1M-98dBm
802.11n HT20MCS7-72dBmMCS0-92dBm
802.11n HT40MCS7-71dBmMCS0-90dBm
802.11ax HT20MCS11-63dBmMCS0-93dBm
802.11ax HT40MCS11-60dBmMCS0-91dBm
5.8G Receive Sensitivity802.11a54M-77dBm6M-95dBm
802.11n HT20MCS7-75dBmMCS0-93dBm
802.11n HT40MCS7-72dBmMCS0-91dBm
802.11ac HT20MCS7-74dBmMCS0-93dBm
802.11ac HT40MCS7-72dBmMCS0-91dBm
802.11ac HT80MCS9-62dBmMCS0-88dBm
802.11ax HT20MCS11-63dBmMCS0-93dBm
802.11ax HT40MCS11-60dBmMCS0-90dBm
802.11ax HT80MCS11-56dBmMCS0-87dBm
2.4G EVM802.11b: ≤-10 dB; 802.11g: ≤-25 dB; 802.11n: ≤-28dB ;                802.11ac: ≤-32 dB; 802.11ax: ≤-35 dB
5G EVM802.11a: ≤-25 dB; 802.11n: ≤-28 dB; 802.11ac: ≤-32 dB;           802.11ax: ≤-35 dB
PoE48V (IEEE 802.3at)
Water-proof LevelIP65
SurgeCommon mode: ±6KV Different mode: ±2KV
LED lightSys, WAN, LAN
Power Consumption≤ 24W
Size295.1mm * 231.1mm * 80mm
Package Contents1800Mbps Dual Band wireless access point Ethernet Cable Quick Installation Guide Installation Accessory
EnvironmentOperating Temperature: -20~45 ℃ Limit working temperature: -30~70 ℃ Storage Temperature: 0~70 ℃ Humidity: 5%~95% non-condensing

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 10 in
Installation manual


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